About easydigital

In short, we are from a company that provides everything for WordPress

Our Story

Following the establishment of Easy Digital in Bangladesh in 2017, the firm was officially established as Easy Digital International Limited in 2020, with headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

Easy Digital Platform’s parent firm is Easy Digital International Ltd. Easy Cloud Platform is a high-quality cloud hosting provider that handles all of your website’s requirements.

Since 2017, the company has had a single aim in mind: to create cloud hosting technology that would allow millions of small to large online businesses, including eCommerce, to achieve their goals.

Our company’s goal is to design or develop whole processes in cloud hosting technology to archive what small and large businesses want: easier administration, better performance, lower costs, stronger security, and higher success.

Our Mission

We’ve designed and improved our whole process, goods, and services to provide everything a small to large business requires when it’s first starting out, guaranteeing that engaging with us is always a quick, smooth, and hassle-free experience.

We provide comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to our clients, and our pleasant team is there to assist you even after your online business has gone live.

We used automation to administer your websites rather than you, allowing you to focus on expanding your web presence rather than server upkeep. Quality, innovation, security, speed, technical support, and customer happiness are more important to us.

We are proud of our work ethic, honesty, and outcomes. We’re proud of what we’ve done thus far, and it’s only the beginning!

Our Professional Team

Muhammad Morsalin

Founder and CEO

Ashikur Rahman

Developer & Designer

Sajib Hossain

Graphics Designer